Gorgeous Wooden House by the Stream


This house is located on a meandering riverside surrounded by natural stone floors and walls. The wooden house itself is made of pine wood and is designed to provide comfortable living throughout the four seasons.

Inside the house, there is a spacious living room where traditional woodwork and modern interior design combine. Most of the interiors are clad in white painted wood panels, which increases the natural light in the home, creating a spacious and open atmosphere.

The bedrooms of the house are illuminated by high-ceiling wooden beams and natural light. Each room has windows overlooking the river, which helps guests relax.

Outside the house, wooden verandas and balconies offer al fresco dining and sunbathing. Activities such as swimming, fishing, or canoeing in the river are also available.

This magnificent wooden house blends seamlessly into the natural beauties. It is an ideal option for anyone who wants to spend a quiet and peaceful holiday by the creek.