Wonders Of The Balkans: Montenegro’s Water Tree – Nature and Life

The small village of Dinoša, in Montenegro, is home to an old mulberry tree that turns into a water fountain every time it rains heavily.

For an open mind traveler, who appreciates all things natural and wonderful, a trip across the Balkans to Montenegro may be worth while, to experience an exquisite sight of a lifetime.

Earlier this year, international media caught wind of a mulberry tree in Montenegro which gushes water! This bizarre natural phenomenon occurs after heavy rainfall in the small village of Dinosa, close to Podgorica. Flooded underground springs result in water pumping up the tree’s roots, which then collects in the trunk.

Located in the village of Dinoša, the locals have no mystical folk tails or superstitions surrounding the amazing phenomenon, that is the Montenegro Water Tree. It’s all simply a rare, yet beautiful occurrence of nature, that has been happening for the last 20 to 25 years.

The tree only gushes water when water is abundant in the valley. If only the spring beneath it flowed in the dry seasons as well, it wouldn’t compete with other trees for water. It could provide water for itself and for the thirsty trees around it.

The old Mulberry tree surrounded by a meadow, with countless underground springs has been standing strong for 100 to 150 years old. Due to it’s age, the sturdy bark of the tree has been hollowed out from the core, which in turn creates this magical phenomenon. Every time after a heavy rainfall, the surrounding underground springs become flooded,so the overflowing water is pumped upwards and it gushes out through the center of the tree bark. This exquisite sight makes the Water Tree look like a makeshift fountain, that presents a special sight for visitors.