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pattern of heads of red carnation flowers flat laid against pink background
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Dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks who used carnations in garlands and as home decorations, each color carnation holds a slightly different meaning. They’re most commonly seen in shades of red and pink, hues that symbolize deep love and admiration. Yellow, however, symbolizes disappointment or rejection. Any color of striped carnation conveys regret.


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Resilient in nature, these common houseplants bloom in the depths of winter. In the Regency era, a gift of violets was a declaration of true intentions. That goodwill has carried on: Today violets of any color symbolize modesty, faithfulness, innocence, and everlasting love.


spring yellow daffodil flowers over blue background greeting card for spring holidays, mother's day
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Because of their early blooming in the first days of spring, daffodils are said to represent rebirth and new beginnings. In France, daffodils are a symbol of hope. However, gifting someone a single stem is bad luck, so always deliver a bunch.

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seamless pattern of white daisies on pink background
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Long a symbol of friendship, innocence, purity, and love, the daisy has no negative connotations. In Norse mythology, the daisy is the symbol of love, beauty, and fertility. Given between friends, a daisy is representative of a good secret keeper.


elegant lily of valley flower on green background
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An aggressive grower, lily of the valley can spread rapidly, often covering entire fields. With its dainty and sweet-smelling blooms, the flower is known to represent sweetness and purity. Because it appears as a prelude to summer, it can also signify a return to happiness. Just be aware that it’s toxic to people and animals.


orange roses flowers border on a blue background valentines day, mothers day and birthday celebration concept
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While there are more than a hundred types of roses, their essential meaning is the same: love. Different colors say something different, though. Red symbolizes long-lasting romantic love; orange, excitement and desire; and yellow, joy and friendship. The ancient Romans viewed roses as a representation of death and rebirth, often planting them on graves.

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top view image of violet delphinium flowers composition over white isolated background
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Despite its poisonous nature, larkspur is a symbol of positivity and dedication. Towering over other plants in vibrant shades of purple and blue, it was used as a protectant against ghosts and magic in Victorian times. It was also one of George Washington’s favorites.


beautiful gladiolus flowers on trendy pink background
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With its sword-like shoots, the gladiolus has long stood for strength, victory, healing, and honor. It’s a traditional gift for people with strong moral character and high intelligence. In ancient Rome, crowds would shower the winners of gladiatorial contests with stems of gladiolus.


blue aster flowers arrangement
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Once a symbol of revolution, the aster is now commonly used to remember soldiers lost at war. It also symbolizes patience, wisdom, and beauty, and so is a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift. The star-shaped flower was sacred to the ancient Greek and Roman gods. It’s also one of the most deer-resistant plants for your garden.

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marigold flower heads are laid out on white background knolling healing herbs
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Used to string garlands and pave altars for Mexico’s Día de Muertos festivities, marigolds can be associated with death, grief, and the coming of winter, but they’re also a bright light in the dark. According to Indian traditions, no wedding is complete without marigolds to confer brightness on the newlyweds.


chrysanthemum flowers on pink background
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Hardy chrysanthemums convey loyalty, friendship, and joy. This bloom is also one of the national flowers of Japan, where it’s the emblem of the imperial family and a sign of health and longevity. Chinese lore holds that chrysanthemums can promote a longer life and ward off gray hair. No wonder it’s such a popular tea!


paperwhite spring
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A cousin of the daffodil, the narcissus (also known as the paperwhite) stands for purity and unconditional love. While some believe the flower has negative connotations due to its Grecian namesake, the vain demigod Narcissus who drowned after falling in love with his own reflection in a pond, a gift of the flower conveys a truly selfless message: “You are the one.”

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