Ways to Use Wall Shelves

For those of us who have “organized” as a New Year’s resolution, wall shelves are a versatile way to tidy up in style. Shelves not only provide extra storage for small spaces, they also provide a perfect solution for empty wall space that you just can’t fill. From the entryway to the dining room, these shelving ideas will transform your walls from boring to beautiful.

If you’re drowning in books, plants, and other decor, try creating a cohesive design with a few wall shelves. A curated look is all about the layers. Use different shapes, stack books, add some of your favorite graphics, and when you get tired of your design, just rearrange and tweak it until it’s just how you want it.

Transform your closet into a glamorous boutique with pretty storage options for your belongings. We love keeping things tidy with a few wall shelves. They are great for saving space and displaying your clothes, accessories and beautiful shoes.

Why should the beautiful crockery only be available on public holidays? Show off your beautiful tableware with open display shelves for year-round enjoyment. For extra storage while eating, use hanging shelves for extra linens, cutting boards, and utensils.