(Video) Unidos contra la adversidad: Una manada de búfalos se une para proteger a sus crías y superar los desafíos de los leones depredadores. Empujando a los leones hacia un callejón sin salida.

The battle of the lion and the buffalo.

On a piece of land, there are about 1000 buffaloes together to find food for the new day.

   When the lion saw that, he approached and prepared to attack his prey, threatening the whole herd of wild buffalo.

But the lion was alone, it bravely rushed to attack the buffalo herd.

Buffaloes are not afraid, using strong horns, decisively ramming the lion’s body, making the lion afraid.

The lion still deliberately defeated the herd of wild buffalo, although his strength gradually weakened over time.

In the end, the righteous lion had to admit defeat after so many meaningless efforts.