(Video) Encuentro aterrador: Leopardo acorralado por una pitón vengativa.

A group of tourists accidentally witnessed a rare event, a fierce battle between the family of a plum journalist and a giant rock python.

The footage was filmed by a member of a tour group in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The person who posted the clip recounted. That morning, luck began to smile on them from the very beginning of the day. It didn’t take long for this group of people to discover a female leopard perched in a tree. As wildlife enthusiasts, it’s no wonder that everyone here is a huge fan of the leopard, the animal with the highest hunting success rate of any of its cousins. its cat house.

Leopards like to hunt at dusk, like dawn, after sunset, or when it’s completely dark. A successful hunting of leopards is determined by the accuracy of the process of tracking, stalking and attacking to defeat the prey. When the leopard catches its prey, it will finish it by biting its throat to cause it to lose blood and suffocate to death.

The chain of hunting actions of leopards usually happens very quickly, so it is not easy to fully capture those process images.

Not only that, the joy of the group of tourists continued to be promoted when only a moment later, the cubs also appeared, running to gather with their mother. The scene is so peaceful at this time until suddenly the cubs start to run around. Something in the bushes seemed to have caught their full attention. It turns out that behind the grass is the residence of a giant rock python.

The African rock python is the largest snake on the continent. Adult rock pythons are up to 7 m, even 10 m long. They are present in most parts of Africa. However, in South Africa this python species has the largest weight and size.

African rock pythons are considered predatory and very aggressive. They often attack humans. Every year there are hundreds of records of rock pythons attacking people and there are also many cases where they swallow children, even adults.

Like other pythons, African rock pythons are non-venomous and they kill their prey by swaddling. After attacking its prey with a powerful bite, it rolls its body to kill the prey. African rock pythons are not the largest of the python family, but they do eat very large prey.