(Video) Can you guess what will happen once you see the open mouth of the hungry hippo that wants to eat with the lions?



Soloмzi RadeƄe, a field guide in PilanesƄerg, captured this incredible moment on camera. He said that while they were observing the sighting, he noticed a hippopotamus emerge completely from the water and slowly head in the direction of the ᴋɪʟʟ. He was under the impression that he was simply interested in what was happening and that he might try to scare away the lions.


Two females then followed the slowly moving male hippopotamus as it approached the lions. He was intimidating pride by opening his mouth wide. The hippopotamus did not worry the male lions much, but the lionesses and cubs felt uncomfortable in his presence and stayed away from this huge animal.

The male lions held their position, but RadeƄe had no idea what would happen. They were obviously reluctant to leave the body because they were watching. Everyone is aware that hippos mainly consume ass, but RadeƄe had offered them to bite the carcass of a water boat in the past.




When this hippopotamus entered the herd’s food, RaƄede barely believed what he was seeing. He didn’t flinch and didn’t seem the least bit intimidated by them. In fact, it seemed as if everyone was enjoying a delicious lunch while sharing a peace pipe. He raƅede abandoned the sighting after the hippo returned to the water as it was full and he was pleased with himself for showing the lions who was in charge.