Unveiling The Exceptional Artistry: Turning Common Stones Into Masterpieces – Nature and Life

Artist Ernestina Gallina from Cenestino, Italy, since she was a child, has known how to turn ordinary objects into unique and eye-catching objects. As a child, Gallina was very passionate about painting and design. However, because Gallina‚Äôs family did not support her choice, she did not have the opportunity to develop her skills or enroll in any mainstream art school. She only displayed her artistic talent as a hobby.

In 1987, she moved with her family to Nairobi, in Kenya, to live. Here her painting career flourished. Gallina recounted that one day at the library, she accidentally stumbled on a book displayed on the rock paintings. From that day on, she started thinking about how to turn ordinary pebbles in rivers and streams into works of art. This is the key point that helps her combine and promote her passion for art with her love for nature and heaven. From then on, she took up the art of rock painting as an inevitable thing and never stopped.

After 3 years of getting acquainted with rock painting, Ms. Ernestina Gallina was able to teach the secrets of rock painting to many students. In 2003, she established the first rock painting club in Italy. .

Admire some of the works of Mrs. Ernestina Gallina: