Una pareja amable salva a un gatito minúsculo de un solo ojo abandonado detrás de una cerca.

Melissa y su esposo estaban saliendo cuando vieron a un pequeño gatito detrás de una cerca. Sabiendo que el gatito necesitaba ayuda, se acercaron para comprobarlo. Cuando lo miraron, se sorprendieron al ver su situación. Estaba muy enfermo y solo tenía un ojo. Por estar muchos días viviendo en la calle, estaba desnutrido y débil. La pareja pensó que estaba abandonado, por lo que decidieron ayudarlo.

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They used a jacket to grab him, put him into their car, and drove straight to a vet clinic. After checking him, the vet said that his eye was infected and was closed shut. His body was covered in fleas and dirt. He was also dehydrated, and had a 50/50 chance of survival. The couple wanted to give the kitten a second chance at life, so they decided to keep him and took him home.

Melissa had never had a cat before, but she and her husband still tried their best to learn everything and help the kitten survive. Sadly, despite all their effort and dedicated care, the kitten didn’t show any sign of recovery. After a few days, he got worse and didn’t eat or drink anything. They went back to the vet, where he got proper medical treatment and care.

After giving him all the necessary things, they took him home, fed him, and gave him some medication. The couple spent most of their time caring for him. They checked on him all the time to make sure that he was doing well. Sometimes, they were scared that he would not win this fight. But thankfully, their effort was finally paid off.

A few months later, he ate a lot better and could start to stand. He slowly gained his health and started to show off his sweet personality. He now becomes a sweet and playful kitten who loves to play and explore everything around him. He also loves hugging and snuggling with his beloved parents. He also has a beautiful named Pizza.

Watch the full rescue here:

Mirando a Pizza ahora, no podemos creer que solía ser un gatito enfermo que fue abandonado detrás de una cerca. Después de todas las cosas que le sucedieron en el pasado, ahora tiene un hogar amoroso y excelentes padres. Estamos seguros de que lo quieren mucho y harán todo lo posible para que esté feliz y saludable.

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