Un video fascinante captura a los elefantes deteniendo un tuk-tuk y pidiendo educadamente comida a los espectadores.


The clip recorded by a tourist on a route through Yala National Park (Sri Lanka) shows a tuk tuk running on this road when suddenly an elephant rushed out to block the road.

Voi chặn xe của du khách để ... "xin đểu" thức ăn
The elephant easily knocked down the tuk tuk like a toy

However, the elephant showed a very “gentle” and polite attitude, instead of rushing out to attack violently, this shows that this elephant is very familiar with the appearance of the baby. People on this route as well as often rush out to block the tourists’ cars.

When the elephant blocked the way, a tourist inside the tuk tuk stepped out, holding food in his hand to “tribute” to the elephant as a way to “beg for the way”, but after using the trunk to get it With the food provided by this person, the elephant felt that it was not enough and overturned the tuk tuk to continue searching for food, causing the car to fall onto the road.

According to the videographer’s explanation, the tuk tuk was carrying an Irish tourist and when he saw the elephant blocking the road, the local driver asked the tourist to throw the food aside. to let the elephant out of the way for the car to go, but this tourist misunderstood the idea, so he took the food in his hand and gave it directly to the elephant.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, while the tuk tuk also suffered minor damage.