Un león glotón en Sudáfrica persigue a siete impalas en un intento de llenar su vientre.

Images depict the exact instant a 400-pound lion decided to hunt seven impalas for food.

The ravenous cat was observed attacking the defenseless flock and attempting to consume them all.

C Fisher, a 27-year-old photographer from Durban, South Africa, was in Kruger National Park when a lion appeared abruptly 20 feet away from his vehicle. The King of the Jungle traveled via tt and divides the herd of impala. Fisher, a quick-thinking individual, snatched out his camera and snapped photos of the magnificent ss.

One image depicts a lion attacking impalas and scattering them in all directions. One of its companions was rendered immobile by terror at the lion’s feet, while the impala escaped the lion’s teeth. Fisher, who described the incident, stated that the lion hovered over seven impalas and attempted to drive them into his jaws.

As the crowds grew, he was able to position one in his mouth while the other rested at his feet. The impala youngsters slid and skidded in their ranc. According to Fisher, the lion escaped into the forest after killing the impalas. They did not detect the lion’s presence until the very last instant, when it was already too late.