Two-Headed Turtle Found in Indιa

The extraordinary two-headed turtle has survived despite all obstacles

Greek tortoises typically live for over 100 years. Some of them suffer from a series of genetic problems and are born with two heads, but in that case their life expectancy is abruptly shortened. Normally, these curious animals do not manage to live more than a couple of years.

This turtle weighs just over a kilogram.


They have great difficulty moving and cannot protect themselves as effectively as turtles do by hiding their heads in their shells. However, Janus has arrived to make history. It is a turtle that was born in the Museum of Natural History in Geneva, Switzerland.

Janus owes its name to the Roman god Janus, represented with two heads.

At first, specialists warned about the short life expectancy of a turtle like Janus; but the cute little animal has done nothing more than defy the worst forecasts and leave everyone speechless. In a couple of weeks he will be 23 years old.

Jano was born on September 3, 1997.


There are no accurate records about it, but many are sure that this is the record for a two-headed Greek turtle. At the museum, the tortoise is given a lot of attention and its health is constantly monitored to make sure it never lacks for anything.

“He has led a long life with a strict routine: daily baths, sun sessions, a diet based on lettuce and tomato. She does not have an active 𝓈ℯ𝓍 life,” a museum spokesperson said.

In Roman mythology, the god Janus had two heads: one to see the past and the other to see the future. The friendly tortoise from Switzerland has fewer responsibilities and simply cares about sunbathing and well-deserved snacks with a little extra lettuce.

Janus hatched from an egg that was in an incubator.


For years she lived in a terrarium designed especially for her. However, it has grown quite a bit, so they are building a new place that better suits their needs.

Each Janus head has a separate brain, but the right one seems to be more dominant.

Everyone grew so fond of Janus that they decided to make him the official mascot of the museum. Many people go there with the sole purpose of meeting her. After all, this is a very curious animal that has managed to make history.

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