Tiny girl: The world’s smallest girl’s journey to overcome adversity now makes many people admire her (VIDEO).n

The five-year-old girl, standing at just 68 cm tall and weighing less than 9 lbs, is no larger than a newborn and even smaller than her beloved teddy bear. Last week, she reached a significant milestone in her life as she joined kids her age in the classroom for the first time.

Charlotte Garside, the world’s smallest girl, has defied the odds with her condition called Primordial Dwarfism, a form so rare that doctors have yet to name it. Born with this incredibly uncommon condition, Charlotte’s parents, Scott Garside and Emma Newman, have been determined to provide her with as normal a life as possible.

Despite being warned that she might not survive beyond her first year, Charlotte has grown into a lively and curious little girl. Emma, at 30 years old and living in Withernsea, East Yorkshire, proudly describes her daughter as having a massive personality and a strong desire to experience everything a normal five-year-old does.

With a learning age already surpassing expectations, Charlotte’s inquisitiveness shines through. The school has assigned her a personal tutor to look after her, ensuring she remains safe even among other children. Although physically small, she proves herself to be resilient and far from fading into the background.

When she was born, Charlotte weighed less than 2 lbs, measured 25 cm, and had to be dressed in dolls’ clothes. Emma carried her tiny baby around in the front pocket of her hoodie, using nappies the size of a credit card.

Despite her size, Charlotte leaves a lasting impression on her family and her sisters, Chloe, Sabrina, and Sophie. They admire her strength and lively nature, and she constantly keeps them on their toes with her adventurous spirit.

As a result of her condition, Charlotte’s immune system is weakened, and she has cysts on her liver. Her mental and physical development has been delayed, but her parents remain committed to giving her the best opportunities.

Now, measuring less than 70 cm, she still wears clothes designed for newborns and is even dwarfed by the family’s pet cat. But despite her size, Charlotte continues to surprise everyone with her tenacity and determination to thrive.

Scott and Emma believe that mainstream education is the best way to gauge Charlotte’s capabilities. Though there are uncertainties about her future, they are excited to witness her growth and development in the coming years.

'One-in-a-million baby': The five-year-old's aprents Scott Garside and Emma Newman want Charlotte to lead as normal life as possible

Charlotte’s story is one of hope, resilience, and the power of the human spirit. Her presence, though small in stature, leaves an immense impact on those around her. As she continues to defy expectations, her journey inspires us to embrace life’s challenges and cherish every moment.