Thirsty Leopard Enters Indian Village and Gets Stuck in a Pot

A leopard got its head stuck in a pot in a village in India.

A leopard in India found itself in a bind today by sticking its head in a pot while trying to fetch a drink, according to local media reports.

Thirsty Indian leopard puts head in pot - BBC News


The animal entered the village of Sardul Kheda in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district and was trying to drink water from the pot when it got clogged, according to local reports.

Thirsty leopard walks into Indian village and gets head stuck in pot - ABC News

The leopard was seen struggling to get the boat out, while onlookers took photos and videos of the event.

It took hours for forest officials to tranquilize and safely release the leopard’s head from the pot.

Thirsty Indian leopard puts head in pot - BBC News


“The male leopard is about 3 years old,” Kapil Sharma, district forestry officer, told NDTV India. “He is under observation. He has been vet checked and appears to be doing well.”

“It will be released in the forest later,” Sharma added. “It’s hard to say where it came from because the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary is about 20 kilometers away.”

The animal was eventually released back into the wild, according to reports.

Associated Press contributed to this report.