The “wizard” arranged the stones into a unique and highly toxic work of art – Nature and Life

As a multi-media artist, Carl Peverall has unquestionable talents in metalwork, ceramics, painting and sculpture but it’s working with stone–large, heavy boulders, smooth egg-shaped river rocks or special finds brought home from trips that keep him dreaming of new and challenging creations. He now feels stone sculpture to be “the most engaging and comprehensive medium I’ve used since beginning my career as an artist nearly 40 years ago.”

Even on backpacking trips, where the weight of everything has to be considered, Carl is unable to resist bringing heavy stones back home.

Peverall sees stone as a profoundly alluring medium, and his search for the right rocks is tireless.

What Perevall hopes to do is connect the material with some sort of visual poetry.


He is drawn by the opportunity to give ancient, silent stones, wrought over millions of years, a special chance to ground viewers in their near immortal beauty and soulful presence.