The Untold Potential of the Legendary 1965 Morgan Plus 4 Plus

It’s 1965. Miniskirts are fashionable, swinging London is pulsating with a youthful vitality, and the Beatles are everything. The British automaker Morgan Motor Company provided a taste of automotive charm during this colorful period with the Plus 4, a lightweight sports car renowned for its thrilling performance and classic style.

British Racing Green with Pale Yellow for the body color

Engine Size: 2,138cc Triumph Inline-Four

Transmission Type: Four-Speed Manual Transmission

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History and Background: A Legacy of Performance


We need to examine the original Plus 4 in order to comprehend the Plus 4 Plus. The Plus 4, which debuted in 1950, was a more potent substitute for the Morgan 4/4. Is it the ultimate card? a powerful Standard Triumph engine that produced a noticeable increase in horsepower and was usually equipped with dual carbs. Thanks to its distinctive Morgan characteristic—lightweight construction made possible by an aluminum panel and ash frame—the Plus 4 soon established a reputation for dynamic performance and agile handling.

Design and Styling: Hints of Aerodynamic Evolution


Unlike its well-documented sibling, the 1965 Plus 4 Plus remains shrouded in mystery. Details emerge primarily from grainy photographs and fleeting mentions in car magazines. However, these glimpses paint a picture of a car that could have been a game-changer for Morgan.


The most striking aspect of the Plus 4 Plus’s design is its potential embrace of aerodynamics. Photographs hint at a more aggressive stance compared to the standard Plus 4. The addition of a rudimentary front splitter and a more pronounced rear spoiler suggests Morgan might have been exploring ways to improve the car’s high-speed stability and handling.

Performance and Capabilities: A Speculative Leap Forward


While specifics are scarce, speculation about the Plus 4 Plus’s performance is a captivating exercise. Theories range from a bored-out version of the existing Triumph engine to a completely different powerplant, possibly sourced from a competitor. This could have pushed the car’s performance envelope even further, offering an even more exhilarating driving experience.

Interior and Features: A Touch of Refinement?


The Plus 4’s focus was always on driver engagement. However, some sources suggest the Plus 4 Plus might have offered a slightly more refined interior experience. This could have included upgraded seats with improved bolstering for spirited driving, revised instrumentation for a more modern feel, or even the inclusion of rudimentary weather protection features like a removable tonneau cover.

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