The strange hunt of the ‘king of the grasslands’: Superficial and helpless!.hongvien

Mentioning lions, people think of strong and decisive hunting phases. However, the reality is not always like that.
According to the famous YouTube channel about African wildlife Maasai Sightings, people have recorded images of a rather strange hunt between a lion and a honey badger.

The male lion is considered to be the active stalker, attacking first, even at the beginning of the hunt it is very cautious when approaching the honey badger. However, the following events are completely opposite.

As seen in the video above, about a third of the first time is stalking, approaching the male lion. However, immediately after encountering the honey badger, the situation completely changed.

“Prey” is extremely aggressive, not afraid to face the hunter as if to reaffirm that he is not easy to bully. In fact, honey badgers are considered the “cool guys” of the wildlife world.
They have all the abilities to be “needless”. From poison resistance, immunity to most poisons such as snakes, spiders, scorpions to possessing thick, flabby skin, which allows them to escape the bites of other large predators.

It was even recorded that 2 honey badgers actively attacked and swarmed with 6 lions, but in the end, they still survived and were healthy.

In this case, too, by showing his attitude and ability, the honey badger has confused and bewildered the male lion. The hunter seems to hesitate to attack hard for fear of unnecessary damage, so it does it in a superficial way as if it were a show of pride.

Of course, with such an attack style, the honey badger escaped the disaster and quickly left the area.