The ranger rescued the hungry wolf, and two months later the wolf returned the favor.


The breeder took pity on the hungry wolf, and two months later the three wolves expressed their gratitude.

Two months later, the jungler’s compassion for the hungry wolf was reciprocated by the three wolves.

On a cold winter day, a ranger came across an almost exhausted wolf. Winter is a difficult time to look for food in the forest, so the unfortunate animal, already starving, decides that it has nothing to lose by approaching the shelter.

StyOpa was initially terrified of the wolf, but eventually developed compassion for her and fed her meat. He understands better than anyone how difficult it is to find food in the winter forest.


When the villagers discovered that Stepan had decided to feed the wolf, they began to despair.

They feared that it might kidnap their livestock, but an experienced ranger assured them that it would be much more dangerous if the animal remained hungry, as it would become a threat not only to the livestock but also to nearby villagers.



With the arrival of spring, the wolf stopped visiting her, but the ranger was already accustomed to her presence. There was already an abundance of food at the beginning of the temperate seas.

The villagers regained their composure, but the ranger felt melancholy at his attachment to his companion.


Despite this, at the end of April, the wolf was eager to see him. Again, we note that she did not appear alone, but had her cubs with her. The ranger discovered that she not only consumed meat, but also fed his wolf cubs.

The predators’ eyes filled with gratitude, and he never saw his fellow forest wolf again.