When Odin was still a puppy, he had an explosive strapped to one of his paws, which blew up, taking out his teeth and part of his paw and snout

Luckily, Odin was rescued in time and was able to heal

The puppy spent three years in a shelter with other animals before getting adopted by his owner Claiciene

“In Viking mythology, Odin was the supreme chief of the realm of Asgard, where the Norse gods dwell. Odin is considered the god of wisdom, magic, poetry, and war. He is the protector of the dead in battle and of wizards. It would be the perfect name for him to carry, due to his strength and life story.

With the adoption of Odin, I knew that we would have a long battle ahead, of inclusion and even of raising people’s awareness of mistreatment. I know he is guiding me in this battle and doing the same with those who become aware of its existence,” points out the businesswoman Claiciene Costa Kobayashi, who drove from Santa Bárbara d’Oeste to São José dos Campos to adopt Odin. Today the family lives in Paraty, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Now Odin has over 10K followers on Instagram as more and more people fall in love with his touching story

Odin’s owner wants to spread the message about animals that are constantly neglected in animal shelters

Claiciene alerts readers to the fact that, in shelters, some groups of animals are constantly neglected and spend years, if not their entire lives, without being chosen. “These animals are the elderly, adults, and the disabled.

That’s why my goal today is to make people aware of this type of adoption and, mainly, about responsible adoption. Adoption cannot be guided by the physical characteristics of the animal, but by the positive impact of living with these very special beings. It feels like drying ice most of the time, but we can’t give up hope.”

It’s refreshing to see Odin living a happy life after his accident


We hope this story inspires more people to adopt animals that have been hurt but are just as lovable!