The Man Who Rescued Two Lion Cubs Seven Years Ago Returns and Reunites with Them Face to Face

If you’ve owned animals throughout your life, you know that the bond between the two of you can be stronger than any bond in the world. Many people have even dedicated their entire lives to saving animals because they love them so much. When a man named Kevin Richardson had the opportunity to rescue two wild animals, he knew he couldn’t shy away from the chance. But what were the two animals?

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There is nothing stronger than the bond between you and your animal, especially when you helped raise them. People dedicate their whole lives to saving animals, just out of love, and this is what Kevin Richardson does. One day, while working at the Lion Park in South Africa, he witnessed a mother lion reject two of her newborn cubs. Some people may have feared approaching the pair, but Kevin’s instincts told him otherwise.


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Two baby lions, something that most people would be afraid to approach. The lion’s names were Meg and Amy, and his instincts told him to bring them to safety immediately. Kevin’s actions were solely responsible for saving the life of the cubs, so seven years later, he decided that it was time to see the lions that he rescued all grown up.


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After they were brought to safety, the cubs needed to learn how to survive and be wild animals on their own. Before they were taken to a rescue location, they were helpless and too young to know how to take care of themselves. The goal was to get the cubs to be able to grow up into functioning adult lions without the help of humans.


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So on that day seven years later, the man that rescued them, Kevin, was a little nervous about how they would react to seeing him. It had been a long time since he was in their presence and he was unsure if they would remember him or treat him kindly. Instead of being fearful of the two lions, Kevin decided to take them by storm and approach them without hesitation. He also decided to capture the moment with a GoPro that he strapped around the belly of one of the lions so everyone could share in his amazing moment! He wanted to remember this reunion forever. Together, the lions were wandering around the African grasslands and even took a dip into a river.


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Kevin decided that he wanted to get in with them, but lost them from his sight for a second. But then, he found one of the lions in a crouching position. The footage that occurs after this moment is absolutely incredible and you need to witness it for yourself to believe it! Once you realize that the lions know exactly who Kevin is, the moment will tug at your heartstrings!


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This proves that even animals that are wild and not domesticated can still form bonds with humans.  What do you think of Kevin’s story? Doesn’t it show how strong a bond between humans and even wild animals can get? Let us know what you think and make sure to pass on this heartwarming story to your friends and family.