The First Step to a Stress-Free Life

In a study, it was determined that people living in crowded big cities are under intense stress due to traffic, increasing living expenses, and busy working hours. According to the results of the same research, it was observed that traveling, which is one of the ways of coping with stress, is the most preferred method. When you get away from the restless environment of the city you live in and take a look around, you will see what people who are suffering from the intense stress of the city are doing. You will be surprised when you realize how they lead a peaceful life by choosing to live in a small nature-friendly tiny house instead of the big residences of the city for a happier life.

In this article, we will talk about a tiny house where you can live a minimal life to get away from the crowd, spend some quiet time in nature, and relieve the intense stress on you.

This tiny house is located just off the main road in Topanga State Park just outside of Los Angeles. Although this tiny house is built on natural land, it is not far from the city. There are several small houses adjacent to each other on the land where the tiny house is located, but privacy is maintained as they are separated by fences.



This tiny house greets you with its brick stairs and anthracite color when you enter through the wooden fence.

Wood was widely used in the construction of tiny house.

Featuring a one-room living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom, the tiny house has a vaulted ceiling. The house has many windows and the skylight made of stained glass creates a rainbow on the walls of the house. For this reason, the name of the house was the crystal hut.

When you enter through the large glazed entrance door, you come across a small sitting and resting area. It must be nice to spend time on the L-shaped sofa made for home, looking out the windows just behind it. A small work area is created immediately after the sitting area. Reading some books here will help you relax.

The next section is the sleeping area, in this section, there is a large double bed. There is also a very stone fireplace in this section, which will create a romantic atmosphere in cold weather.

The kitchen and Bathroom are made in the form of separate compartments.

The kitchen has all the modern appliances you can use for cooking. With a separate window on the ceiling, the kitchen is naturally illuminated.

The bathroom has a predominantly white design. Featuring a large bathtub, the bathroom also includes a toilet and pedestal sink.

An unforgettable few days in this tiny house will allow you to get away from the stressful life of the city and you will look forward to coming here again. This tiny house costs $210 per night.