The Enchanting Jardin des Plantes: A Haven of Botanical Wonders and Artistic Delights in Nantes, France – Nature and Life

The Jardin des Plantes, located in Nantes, France, is a well-loved destination for both residents and visitors. This botanical garden spans a vast seven-hectare area and boasts an impressive collection of flora, including 10,000 species and 5,000 varieties of flowers. Visitors can marvel at the stunning greenhouses and sculptures dotted throughout the park, but what really sets it apart are the rotating art exhibitions featuring the works of local artists. One particularly delightful attraction is a delightful topiary sculpture of dozing baby birds.

The famous French writer and illustrator of children’s books, Claude Ponti, is the creator of the masterpiece artwork called Poussin Endormi. The artwork features a dozing chick surrounded by a captivating garden scenery. It was first revealed in 2014 during a garden exhibit. The artwork’s name, Poussin Endormi, which means “sleepy chick” in French, aptly captures the piece’s main theme.

Have a look at this charming little bird! It has the most adorable bamboo-like legs and a striking yellow beak. What sets it apart is its unique feature of droopy eyelids that are adorned with delicate lashes. Continue reading to get a more detailed view of this cute little creature.