The Astonishing Sight: A Girl-Shaped Mushroom That Defies Expectations – Nature and Life

The world hosts a plethora of extraordinary mushrooms, and the captivating images of the mushrooms below evoke astonishment and skepticism, leading us to ponder whether they naturally exist in such remarkable forms or not.

The weather is getting closer to autumn, which is also the time when we want to enjoy the delicious taste of excellent mushrooms. Recently, a toy company in Japan, after launching a product, immediately received a lot of feedback.

The small toy is called “poison princess mushroom”, at first glance it looks like normal mushrooms, but when you look closely, it looks like a human figure! It turns out that this is a creative idea when people eat poisonous mushrooms that have painful states.

The photos show all levels of pain when ingesting poisonous mushrooms:

It hurts so much that I have to kneel

Pain that keeps repeating

When mixed with real mushrooms, it is difficult to distinguish

The salesman seriously warned: “Toy mushrooms are strictly forbidden to eat!”

Luckily it’s just a creative idea, not a real mushroom.