The 101-year-old Woman Gives Birth To Her 17th Child Through An Unexpected Method.

Anatolia Vertadella, a 101-year-old woman from Italy, has given birth to her 17th child, a healthy baby weighing 3.3kg, which has left everyone around her surprised. Not to mention, she already had 16 children, but how could a woman of such age become pregnant and give birth?


In fact, a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant decrease significantly after the age of 40. This happens because after that age, the ovaries no longer produce eggs regularly each month. Therefore, according to common sense, Anatolia, at 101 years old, should not have had the chance to become pregnant and give birth.

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Before the shock of everyone, the elderly woman revealed the truth behind the story. At the age of 48, after having 16 children, Anatolia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. To save her life, she agreed to let the doctors remove her ovaries and give up the opportunity to become a mother.

Now, wishing to have her 17th child, Anatolia requested to have a new ovary transplanted to enable her to become pregnant. This illegal and controversial surgery was secretly carried out at a private clinic in Turkey. “I am very grateful to all the doctors for deciding to perform surgery for me,” Anatolia admitted in tears.1541232552190363323

Although Anatolia’s husband passed away in 1998, she found a sperm donor to give birth to her child. Therefore, Anatolia is now the oldest mother to give birth at the age of 101. The previous record belonged to Malegwale Ramokgopa, a South African mother who gave birth at the age of 92.

In some countries like Turkey and India, ovary transplant surgery is not uncommon. This surgery is often performed on cancer patients who want to have children, as well as those who want to change their gender..

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Despite the controversial nature of this surgery, Anatolia’s family and friends have expressed their happiness and support for her decision. This story has sparked a heated debate on the ethical and moral issues surrounding this type of surgery, and it will continue to be a topic of discussion for some time to come.