Struggling for a long time, finally the lions can only “breathe smoke, follow” their prey.hongvien

Lions are always appreciated for their strength and speed, but what makes them successful in every hunt is unity.

Indeed, on most hunts, lions are always well-positioned before attacking. Only in a few special cases or fortunately they will attack alone if the prey is too indiscreet.

The combination of power and numbers of this notorious carnivore brought terror across Africa. Of course, in the wild natural world there are always exceptions, and the following big “prey” is one of those special cases.

As seen in the video above, the lioness is quite crowded surrounding a large hippo. They swarmed everywhere, taking turns attacking.

However, their opponents this time are animals likened to mobile tanks because hippos possess thick, firm skin. It is this solid defense that helps the other animal, even alone, to be able to counterattack and slowly retreat.

As a result, the hippo’s perseverance was rewarded, it successfully retreated to its water area, and the lions, after a long unsuccessful attack, could only follow.