Sorpresa en la vida silvestre: Fotógrafo captura un momento asombroso mientras un león lleva nueces de jengibre a su manada.

This lion cub appeared to be fed up of litter in its territory so decided to kick-start the clean-up – as it was snapped with a packet of biscuits in its mouth.

Mother-of-two Archna Singh captured what she at first thought looked like an amusing scene of a cub innocently playing around in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

However the 44-year-old photographer quickly realised the sight was less humorous than she first thought and believes it reflects today’s environmental issues in the world.

This lion cub was spotted carrying a discarded packet of ginger nuts while prowling through the Serengeti National Park

Photographer Archna Singh from Dehli, India, said litter left behind by tourists was becoming an increasing problem in Africa

Singh said this type of litter, while looking amusing, could endanger the lives of wild animals in the Serengeti National Park
Singh, from Delhi in India, said: ‘I was on a safari in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania when I spotted this group of lion cubs playing in the grass – at first everyone on my group found it cute and we were all enjoying it.

‘One of them walked towards us and we quickly realised he had something unusual in his mouth which was in fact a pack of biscuits left by unscrupulous tourists.’

The Delhi-based professional photographer claims pollution is an increasing problem, which now affects her job.

Singh said: ‘I spend 10 days every month shooting in different countries of Asia and Africa but I encounter this problem everywhere, some tourists unfortunately do not have respect for nature.

Singh said this problem was not unique to the Serengeti as she has seen litter across Africa and Asia

Singh said she regularly tells off tourists who she has seen littering or leaving behind waste in national parks

She said she has seen domesticated animals dying after eating rubbish left on the streets of her native Delhi in India
‘I often tell people off when I see them throwing their junk away, they usually get embarrassed and pick it up. It makes me really angry.

‘Wild animals obviously don’t have a clue what those objects are and might be tempted to eat it, which can be very dangerous.

‘I am very aware of the effects foreign bodies can have to animals, I have seen domesticated animals dying on the street of Delhi as a result of them eating rubbish left by local residents.

‘Why don’t we teach our children about the effects of pollution on wildlife and maybe prevent animals from dying?

‘The locals in Africa tend to be very respectful of nature but also aware of this issue. I have seen volunteers picking up trash in the jungle.

‘African wildlife safari tours have recently become very popular among tourists, which is great but I think it is partly to blame for some of this pollution.’