Sobrecarga de ternura: El adorable cachorro de león intenta escapar del abrazo amoroso y sobreprotector de su madre.

In a series of incredibly adorable photos, a tiny lion cub barely tries to get out from his mother’s overprotection. The child couldn’t even move his muscles despite his earnest efforts, and his struggle was real. The sweet scene was captured on camera!

Like most wild animals, lionesses are highly protective of their precious cubs. After all, overprotection is the only way to keep an eye on energetic cubs whose constant concerns are playing and having fun.

The wild is extremely dangerous, especially when you are a small animal, and this lioness knows the only place where her cub is safe and next to her!

While the mother is too busy to get some food, all her cub want is to play, so she knows how to keep her happy cub close to her, even though he is not happy about this idea.

Although the cute cub is trying to get his mother’s attention, the lioness completely ignores him.

The moment was captured by British photographer Margot Raggett during an expedition in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.

She explained: “On this particular day, the pride of the lions, known as Rekero Pride, were hungry, and the lionesses were looking for something to hunt – while the cubs were having more fun mood. “I love the way this kid got in between his mother’s legs, obviously trying to get her attention and how she completely ignored him. The more he wiggled, the cooler she played.”