Sloth Bear Protects Her Cub From Tiger.hongvien

A footage of a female sloth bear fighting a tiger is going viral after it was recorded in India’s Maharashtra’s Tadoba National Park throughout an mid-day safari. Both pets began fighting when the sloth bear was approaching a water hole with her young cub to take a drink.

Indian bear fights off attack from two huge tigers | Daily Mail Online

As quickly as the tiger saw the bear heading towards the water, he attacked, and the mother bear had to defend her baby. Akshay Kumar, the chief biologist at Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, informed news outlets the violent battle went on for 15 minutes.

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Both animals were injured by the encounter. The young cub escaped during the fight. The fight only ended when the bear backed the tiger into the water.

Sloth bear chases tiger after a battle to save her cubs : r/natureismetal

The sloth bear was fortunate. In the video clip (which was first shared on Facebook by the Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge) it’s clear she was exhausted by the encounter, but was likely saved by her thick hair, that made it difficult for the tiger to obtain a grip around her neck.

Fur coat saves sloth bear in rare and 'severe' fight with tiger; video | For The Win