Selena Gomez showcases her talent as a budding makeup connoisseur while bringing her Rare Beauty line to life with a luminous touch

Selena Gomez delighted her loyal supporters with an exclusive ‘preparing with me’ video, featuring her very own assortment of beauty products from her renowned brand, Rare Beauty. In the video, the talented 28-year-old songstress effortlessly demonstrated her everyday skincare routine, opting for a radiant makeup look that exuded a radiant glow. Keeping it refreshingly relatable, Gomez fearlessly acknowledged her imperfections, openly discussing how she, like any regular person, has to combat occasional stubborn blemishes.


Getting ready: Selena Gomez, 28, treats her fans to a 'get ready with me' video as she showcases a glowy makeup look using products from her line Rare Beauty

Prepare for the Beauty Routine: Selena Gomez, aged 28, generously shares a ‘get ready with me’ video with her beloved fans, showcasing a radiant makeup look using her very own Rare Beauty products.
Seated comfortably in her cozy living room, Gomez guides her viewers through her go-to daily products and routine.
Expressing her fondness for a natural appearance, she emphasizes her preference for a subtle, no-makeup makeup look.
To prepare her flawless canvas, she follows a comprehensive skincare regimen involving primer, foundation, and spot concealer application on her face and under-eye area.
“Depending on the condition of my skin, I sometimes only need concealer. I prefer a delicate touch in everything,” she remarks.


Clean palate: A fresh-faced Gomez sat in her living room at home as she walked her viewers through which products she goes to on an everyday basis.

Blank canvas: With a natural glow, Gomez relaxed in the comfort of her living room, inviting her audience into her daily routine and revealing the beauty essentials she swears by.

Foundation matters: She shared that she loves concealer talking about how sometimes she'll just wear it on its own

Coverup: The Wolves singer confessed that she had a pimple but opted to not cover it up

Cover-Up: The vocalist of the band Wolves openly admitted to having a pesky pimple but made the bold choice to leave it bare, rather than concealing it.

Delicate: Gomez shared that she likes to do her makeup delicately


Softly: Gomez revealed her preference for delicately applying her makeup.

Tiny dots: Selena opted for a dabbing method ensuring full coverage by going little at a time

Before   After: She showed the after effects of using small amounts of the varying concealing products on her face

After applying a setting mist, she proceeded to use a luminizing product on her cheekbones to achieve a subtle bronzy glow. She mentioned that she prefers to avoid adding excessive shine to her nose. To reduce the shine on her face, she lightly dusted some powder. With her face prepped, she focused on her eyes, applying a vibrant pink eyeshadow and blending it to soften the overall look.

Set the stage: After her face work was done she set the products using a spray before moving up to her eyes

Let’s set the scene: Once she had finished applying makeup on her face, she took out a spray to set the products in place before proceeding to enhance her eyes.

Multiple tools: Though sharing she likes to use her hands a lot of the time, she alternated between various brushes

Handsy: The 10-minute video was adorably relatable and featured many of her favorite products

A variety of tools: While she often enjoyed using her hands for creating, she would frequently switch between different types of brushes.

Cheeky: A luminizing liquid acted as both a blush and a sheen for her cheekbones

Cheeky: A radiant liquid served a dual purpose by adding a blush effect and a subtle glow to enhance her cheekbones.

Vibrant eyes: She got a little colorful with a hot pink eyeshadow before blending it

Light lid work: After the shadow she moved onto a winged eyeliner

Bright and lively gaze: Prior to blending, she playfully experimented with a splash of hot pink eyeshadow, adding a pop of color to her eyes.

Feeling herself: She admired her handy work before unclipping her hair and giving an infectious smile

Taking a moment to appreciate her own handiwork, she gazed at herself in the mirror and decided it was time to release her hair from its clip, flashing an infectious smile. To complete her look, she meticulously applied winged eyeliner and filled in her eyebrows with a pencil, making sure every detail was perfect. A final touch of lip color brought everything together flawlessly.

Proudly showcasing her finished look, she playfully remarked that most of the beauty products she used could be applied effortlessly “anytime, anywhere,” though she made a lighthearted warning against applying makeup while driving. In a refreshing moment of honesty, she pointed out a small blemish on her face, confessing that she had chosen not to cover it up. Confident in her appearance, she believed that her current look was beautiful and would last throughout the day.

In a delightful turn of events, she received exciting news related to her Rare Beauty brand. She discovered that Billie Eilish had adorned herself with products from her beauty line for the cover shoot of Vanity Fair.

All done: The singer maintained that the look would last her all day

All finished: The singer confidently stated that her makeup look would stay flawless throughout the entire day. She excitedly shared the cover photo on her Instagram story, expressing her admiration for Billie Eilish and the fact that she was wearing products from her own brand, Rare Beauty, on the cover of Vanity Fair. Gomez couldn’t contain her excitement and even described her feelings as “low key freaking out.” She expressed her gratitude towards fans and celebrities who have shown support for her makeup line, especially considering the vast number of collaborations and beauty brands in the industry today. With the market saturated, it can be difficult for people to know which products to trust. Gomez emphasized that her products are designed to enhance natural beauty rather than striving for perfection. Reflecting on her personal journey, she stated, “I’ve let go of the pursuit of perfection and simply want to embrace my true self.” Currently, Gomez is filming her new television show, Only Murders in the Building, in New York City. The show revolves around teenagers who are obsessed with true crime and unexpectedly find themselves involved in a murder case.

Set life: She is currently filming a new Hulu show in NYC in addition to working on her first Spanish-language album which she has been teasing for a decade; pictured January 17

Current Activities: Selena Gomez, who is currently 28 years old, is providing her fans with a “get ready with me” video as she showcases a vibrant makeup look using products from her own beauty line called Rare Beauty. She is not only working on a new Hulu show in New York City, but she is also finally working on her highly anticipated Spanish-language album that she has been teasing for a decade. This shows her versatility and dedication to her craft.

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