Selena Gomez shines in vibrant shades of yellow and orange while shooting Only Murders In The Building alongside Steve Martin, a captivating tale of true crime obsession among strangers

Selena Gomez, a renowned musician in the industry, has also ventured into the world of acting. Hailing from Texas, the 28-year-old multi-talented star has successfully showcased her acting prowess in various projects. Some noteworthy mentions include her notable role in the popular Disney series, Wizards Of Waverly Place, her exciting performance in the teen adventure film Monte Carlo, and her collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Woody Allen in A Rainy Day. Recently, fans caught a glimpse of her on set for her latest cinematic endeavor, Only Murders In The Building.

Rolling! Selena Gomez is one of the top-selling recording artists. But the 28-year-old Texas native also has an acting career

On the move! Selena Gomez happens to be among the most successful music artists in terms of sales. However, this 28-year-old native of Texas has also ventured into the world of acting.

New shoot: This week the Rare singer was seen on the set of another movie: Only Murders In The Building.

Fresh Update: This week witnessed a new sighting of the talented artist, Selena Gomez, as she graced the set of her upcoming film, Only Murders In The Building. Sporting a chic ensemble, Gomez impressed with her choice of autumn-inspired attire. She effortlessly paired a vibrant, fuzzy fire orange bolero jacket with a trendy banana yellow top. Complementing her look, she opted for sophisticated grandpa plaid slacks, featuring a generous boot cut. A notable addition to her look were the heavy duty brown lace-up military boots, adding a touch of edginess. Drawing more attention, Gomez adorned a bright yellow beanie that perfectly accentuated her presence, while also donning a pair of large headphones. The camera focused on the star’s stunning face as she elegantly strolled down a picturesque street, right in front of a local grocery store adorned with vibrant fruit stands on the sidewalk.

Color craze: Gomez was dressed for style in autumnal colors with a fuzzy fire orange bolero jacket that was left open over a banana yellow top and a pair of grandpa plaid slacks that had a generous boot cut

Color frenzy: Gomez looked effortlessly stylish in warm, autumn-inspired shades. She rocked a cozy, fuzzy fire orange bolero jacket, casually left open to reveal a vibrant banana yellow top. Completing her ensemble, she opted for a pair of trendy grandpa plaid slacks that boasted a generous boot cut. As she hurriedly walked, it was evident that she was lost in the music playing in her ears.

Notably, the former flame of both Justin Bieber and The Weeknd was also spotted donning a striking red jumpsuit, tastefully accompanied by a chic coat draped over her shoulders. Meanwhile, her co-star, Steve Martin, sported a dark quilted jacket, effortlessly paired with jeans and a face shield for added safety while on set. Excitement filled the air as the renowned former Saturday Night Live star took his place in the ensemble cast.

Joining Gomez and Martin in this Hulu comedy are the talented Martin Short and Aaron Dominguez. The plot revolves around three strangers – Martin, Short, and Gomez – who share an unparalleled fascination with true crime. However, unexpectedly, they find themselves embroiled in a thrilling crime scenario. This exciting project, as reported by Deadline, is brought to life through the collaborative creation and writing efforts of Martin, John Hoffman, and Martin’s original concept.

Clipboard shot: The Look At Me Now crooner added heavy duty brown lace up military boots. A bright yellow beanie called even more attention to the Vogue cover girl as she added large headphones

Snapshot: The singer of the popular track “Look At Me Now” donned sturdy brown military boots, laced up tightly. Adding to her eye-catching ensemble, she wore a vibrant yellow beanie and donned oversized headphones.
An official release date for her new project has not yet been disclosed.
To ensure safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, strict guidelines are being followed during the production. These include the provision of multiple handwashing stations, dividing the crew into separate groups, and conducting frequent testing.
This recent appearance comes after Gomez expressed her desire for more male support for women. While she appreciates the supportive nature of women towards each other, she is eager to see more men actively uplifting the women in their lives.

Another look: The The Heart Wants What It Wants songbird wore a red jumpsuit with a fuzzy beige coat on her shoulders as well

sang The Heart Wants What It Wants, donning a vibrant red jumpsuit paired with a cozy, beige fluffy coat resting on her shoulders.

Murder minded: The project follows three strangers (Steve Martin, Martin Short and Gomez) who share an obsession with true crime and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in one, according to Deadline

Another hit on her hands? She has worked for Disney and Woody Allen in the past

Crime enthusiasts: According to an article from Deadline, a new project revolves around the lives of three individuals (Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Gomez) who possess a strong fascination for real-life criminal activities. Unexpectedly, they become entangled in a perplexing murder case.

Ravishing in red: Selena looked stunning on set

Looking absolutely breathtaking in a vibrant shade of red, Selena radiated beauty as she graced the set.

Quick change: It certainly seemed to be a busy day for Selena as she changed to a white outfit

Sudden transformation: It appeared that Selena’s day was bustling with activity as she effortlessly switched into a pristine white ensemble.

Hands full: She lugged around a matching white blanket

Hands full: She lugged around a matching white blanket

Juggling: She carried a coordinating white blanket

Goijng green: She sported a lime-colored face mask

Embracing eco-friendliness: She flaunted a vibrant green facial covering. Addressing the virtual Teen Vogue Summit, she expressed her admiration for the empowering nature of women supporting women.
She remarked, “It’s wonderful how women can uplift and encourage one another. Now, young girls have even more role models to look up to, including our vice president and inspiring figures like Stacey Abrams. These women are truly defying expectations and achieving incredible things…”
“But one thing I would love to witness is more male advocates standing up for women. While I celebrate the solidarity among women, we also need the support of men.”

The joke maker: And co-star Steve Martin was in a dark quilted jacket with jeans as the former SNL star was seen on the set

The comedian: Meanwhile, Steve Martin rocked a stylish dark quilted jacket with a pair of jeans while filming alongside Selena.

Selena recently made a plea for more support from men and also revealed her preference for a boyfriend who has a great sense of humor. According to the ‘Lose You to Love Me’ singer, funny guys really catch her attention. Despite valuing confidence in a man, she strongly dislikes arrogance.

Nevertheless, Selena emphasized that she is content with being single at this stage in her life. In her late 20s, she finds solace in the many advantages of being alone.

Come on men! This sighting comes after Gomez said she wants to see more 'men championing women'. The actress has said she loves how 'supportive' women can be toward one another, but is desperate to see more men helping to 'lift up' the women in their lives

Let’s go, guys! This observation comes after Gomez expressed her desire for more men to support women. The actress admires the camaraderie amongst women but strongly yearns for more men to empower the women in their lives.
In her own words, she stated, “I am currently single – and I’m perfectly content with that. There are numerous advantages to being single, and it’s all about savoring those moments when you find yourself in that stage of life.”

Gomez also said this month she thinks talking about her mental health has given her a 'sense of freedom'

In recent statements, Gomez expressed the positive impact of discussing her mental health and the newfound sense of freedom it has given her. The actress, known for her role in “Only Murders in the Building,” also dismissed the idea of turning to dating apps to find love. Although platforms like Raya may work for some people, Gomez personally cannot envision herself taking that route. Her dedication to normalizing conversations about mental health remains unshaken, as she believes it is less daunting when openly discussed. Having been diagnosed with anxiety and depression in the past, Gomez believes that talking about her experiences has helped her understand herself better. Through her personal journey, she has recognized the importance of timing and the significance of sharing emotions with others. Gomez began therapy in her early twenties and firmly believes it has drastically transformed her life.

She keeps it real: Selena started working with therapists in her early 20s, and she thinks it's transformed her life. Seen before a makeover last week

Selena, the down-to-earth beauty, has been a strong advocate for therapy since her early 20s, believing that it has truly transformed her life. Expressing her thoughts during the virtual Teen Vogue Summit, she highlighted the importance of therapy in today’s world where everyone experiences certain emotions and struggles, whether they admit it or not. Selena emphasized the need for people to come together and support each other.
In addition to therapy, Selena values the company of individuals who challenge her. She emphasized the significance of questioning one’s motivations and the ability to commit to their actions. Asking oneself if they are patient with their own growth is equally important. Selena believes in surrounding oneself with people who believe in them and aren’t afraid to push them forward. Despite her success, Selena still encounters those who doubt her, but she remains resilient and continues to pursue her goals.

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