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Having children drink milk for fun can be a great way to create fun and memorable memories for the whole family. Children often enjoy drinking milk and can turn it into a fun activity. Here are a few ways you can make it fun for kids to drink milk:

1. **Shape milk:** You can shape your children’s favorite symbols, drawings, or characters on the surface of the milk glass. When children drink milk, drawings will appear gradually, creating a feeling of excitement and excitement.

2. **Small Stories:** Tell a cute, short story while the baby drinks milk. Funny stories or funny characters will keep children interested and looking forward to every milk drink.

3. **Soft music:** Turn on soft and easy listening music while the baby drinks milk. Music can help create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness for children.

4. **Fun games:** Use straws or cups to create games such as pouring milk into cups, creating bubbles, or creating other attractive effects when your baby drinks milk.

5. **Convert the milk glass:** Change the shape of the milk glass into animal shapes, or use a funny shaped lid. This can help create more fun and excitement for children.