Radiant Sunshine Season Unveils Its Splendor In The Realm Of The Golden Temple – Nature and Life

After a 1 hour 45 minute flight, we landed at Bangkok International Airport. This is considered the most famous and bustling tourist airport in Asia, with the capacity to serve more than 45 million passengers and can be upgraded to 150 million passengers in a year. The outdoor temperature at this time is about 28-32 degrees, the weather is quite cool.

At the immigration counter, there was no longer a crowded scene as before, everyone lined up orderly and neatly, waiting for their turn. After about 15 minutes, we were stamped immigration according to regulations and moved our luggage to the waiting car. “Sawasdee Krup!” tour guide Thong Chai greeted with a bright smile.

The car turns to Pattaya – the first destination in the journey. This most famous coastal city in eastern Thailand is located about 160km from Bangkok.

Knowing that our group has many people who have returned to Thailand many times, Thong Chai is still thoughtful, carefully reminding the overall tour schedule, so that the members of the group can understand. As a person with two bloodlines, whose mother is from Tien Giang and his father is Thai, Thong Chai’s ability to communicate in Vietnamese is very good, along with extensive cultural knowledge accumulated in the past. More than 20 years as a tour guide.

What does Pattaya have?

After the pandemic, Pattaya is strangely peaceful, no longer noisy, bustling with a bit of wildness like before.

Pattaya is a convergence of residents with many languages ​​and skin colors from many different countries around the world. After the pandemic, Pattaya is strangely peaceful, no longer noisy, bustling with a bit of wildness like before. This unusual thing is an opportunity for tourists coming here to have more time to swim, rest and relax.

Attractive entertainment programs such as Alcazar Show, Tiffany Show by transgender dancers are still brightly lit every night. The bars on Walking Street – Thailand’s famous pedestrian street are always busy with people coming in and out. This street is also known as the “red light district” specializing in nightlife, and is the entertainment destination of international tourists when coming to Pattaya, with a full range of large and small bars, discos, clubs. night… So it would be a mistake to come to Pattaya without visiting Walking Street.

If you are a nature lover, do not like the noise of Pattaya, you can still find your own peaceful moments right here, by taking a cruise on the sea, or sunbathing at the beaches. long sea, hidden around islands like Coral, Kopai, or participate in sea sports activities such as water skiing, skydiving, snorkeling.

Not only the sea, you can also immerse yourself in the natural green color when coming to Nong Nooch eco-tourism area, more than 20km from the romantic coastal city of Pattaya. There are special gardens, specially designed and divided into very interesting themes, such as: French garden, European garden, butterfly garden, cactus and succulent garden, ceramic garden flower valley…

If you don’t like the noise of Pattaya, you can find your own peaceful moments by taking a cruise on the sea, sunbathing on the long beaches…

It is estimated that here there are about 20,000 tropical plants brought from all over the world, with more than 600 species of orchids blooming, and a pineapple garden with over 300 colorful species.

An important highlight of the eco-park is the fairy-tale world garden that is shaped with all kinds of animals, especially the dinosaur garden with 21 species, eye-catching shape with a surreal look, just like in the movie. “Jurassic Park”. Here, visitors will also be immersed in a unique art performance space with elaborate and methodical performances, performed by professional actors.

Back to Bangkok

After 2 days of exploring and having fun in Pattaya, we returned to Bangkok as scheduled. The special thing is that when participating in traffic, we did not hear any car horns on the road. In Thailand, people obey the law voluntarily and yield to each other – an admirable traffic culture that we need to learn, I think.

After about 3 hours of driving, Bangkok appeared right in front of our eyes. Here, people call their capital “Krung Thep”, which means “City of Angels”. That name has been used by people for more than 200 years.

Thailand has more than 80% of the population following Buddhism. Therefore, pagodas and temples are everywhere, always opening their doors to welcome visitors. There is one thing that we should remember when visiting temples in Thailand, that you need to respect the Buddha statues, remove your shoes before entering the temple, dress modestly and politely.

Temples and temples in Thailand are ubiquitous, always opening their doors to welcome visitors.

One of the most famous temples in Bangkok that we visited is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. According to Buddhist and architectural researchers, visiting the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is a must-do in the journey to this legendary land of colorful temples. In the temple, there is a jade Buddha image that has lived here for over 200 years. The statue is not huge, but very beautiful. Through many ups and downs of history, the Emerald Buddha statue has become a national treasure, the most sacred symbol of Thai Buddhism.

The second temple we visited was A-run temple, also known as the Temple of Dawn. The pagoda was built on the banks of the Chao Phra-ja (Menam River) close to Thonburi. In the temple is a 67m high tower, surrounded by 4 other lower and smaller towers. It is divided into four pagodas that tell about the four stages of Buddha’s life, that is, his birth, enlightenment, first sermon and when he entered nirvana.

People call it Binh Minh Pagoda because at dawn, it is possible to fully feel its beauty. At that time, the dawn light shines on the pieces of porcelain flowers and stained glass attached to the stone blocks of the pagoda, making the whole pagoda shining, beautiful and enchanting.

In addition to sightseeing destinations, we also do not forget to walk in the busiest streets in Bangkok such as China Town, Central World, Siam Center – Siam Discovery – Siam Paragon – Siam Square One. After that, also enjoy Thai cuisine with fresh fruits, as well as the famous spicy ribs at Rod Fai night market street…

Time flies and the last day of the journey has arrived. Everyone’s heart is attached to a Buddhist country with friendly and hospitable people. Goodbye Thailand – beautiful country, land of smiles, we will be back again…

Article: Bui Trung Dung (According to Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)