Quirky Pottery Decor Ideas for Your Bismarck Garden

Aside from the plants themselves, gardeners can use decorative items in their gardens to show personality and style! When we say decoration, you might immediately think of extravagant sculptures, fairy lights or even an ornate trellis.

While these can be delightful additions, when planning garden decorating ideas we like to start with the essentials and look at simple features like ceramic pottery! Here are some of our favorite fun and whimsical ways to use ceramics to decorate our outdoor spaces.

Lining pots at the edge of your patio or on a shelf can feel a little boring at times, which is why we love this ladder idea! This idea works best with a wooden ladder or a ladder with rungs that are at least a few inches wide to support a small flower pot.

Tilt the ladder at an angle so the rungs are parallel to the ground and use each ladder run as a shelf to display your gorgeous potted plants! This pottery decor idea works great when you create a nice mix of neutral and light colors. Either keep the ladder fairly plain and dress up the display with colorful pots and flowers, or you can paint the ladder a cheerful color while maintaining a neutral vibe with your chosen pots.