Plant Parents Will Flip For These 15 Dreamy Jungle-Like Bedrooms

Plant lovers, this one’s for you! If you’re looking for a way to stylishly incorporate your green friends into your bedroom, we’ve got you covered—we’ve rounded up 15 sleep spaces where plants are the star of the show. Whether you’re looking to display large trees or aren’t sure what to do with those length vines, the rooms below will provide you with plenty of inspiration as to how to create major jungle vibes.

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    Get Twisted

    plants in bedroom

    Wesley / Instagram

    Make like Instagrammer Wesley and let a long vine loop all the way around your headboard. Then, surround either side of the bed with a few other leafy plants, because when it comes to green friends, more is more.

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    Opt for White Bedding

    white bedding and plants

    Vivien / Instagram

    Consider sticking to a mostly white color palette in the bedroom, like Instagrammer Vivien did, to let your green friends really take center stage. Plant babies of all kinds will provide all the color you could ever need!

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    Don’t Forget a Shelf

    pink and plants

    Marita / Instagram

    A shelf above the bed means one thing and one thing only…more room to display additional types of plants! But for Instagrammer Marita, that wasn’t all—she also carved out a space for a large fiddle leaf fig to live in an oversized pot beside her bed.

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    Create a Contrast

    canopy bed plants

    Nicole and Whitney / Instagram

    For a boho look, try pairing plants with black and white textiles and then sit back and admire how beautifully your leafy friends’ green hues pop against the more neutral shades. We’ll be here trying to replicate this setup by Instagrammers Nicole and Whitney.

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    Clip It Up

    plant vines attached to wall

    Iris / Instagram

    Instagrammer Iris used cable clips to attach an extra lengthy vine to her bedroom walls, and we can’t get enough of the artsy look. If you’re not one for trimming plants as they grow longer and longer, this is an easy hack that also brings the drama.

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    Go For the Bold

    palm leaf wallpaper


    In this bedroom by Instagrammer @our_casa_flamingo, it’s almost difficult to tell where the plant-themed wallpaper ends and where the real leafs begin! The palm leaf print pairs beautifully with an actual large palm that captured our attention from the get-go.

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    Optimize Your View

    plants on console table

    Doro / Instagram

    Don’t forget to deck out the area opposite your bed, too. Instagrammer Doro added plenty of pizzazz to her bedroom console table in the form of a dozen or so plant pots—that way, she can appreciate their beauty while kicking back and lounging.

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    Live Large

    large plant in pot

    Erin / Instagram

    Don’t let a particular plant’s extra large footprint stop you from integrating it into your space—Instagrammer Erin shows us that keeping a bedroom free of excess furniture can allow all of the space for plants big and small to thrive.

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    Embrace Maximalism

    maximalist plant setup

    Sonia / Instagram

    Sometimes, embracing maximalism when it comes to plants is 100 percent necessary—after all, it’s hard to pick just a few favorites to display! Instagrammer Sonia didn’t hold back when it came to showcasing her collection.

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    Utilize Your Headboard

    plants on headboard

    Roopa / Instagram

    If your headboard is large enough to serve as a makeshift shelf, don’t be afraid to place smaller plant pots there, too, as Instagrammer Roopa did. If you’re a restless sleeper and worry about dirt spilling over in the night, you can also go faux in the bed area to avoid potential messes.

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    Go Green

    green bedding and plants

    Dorrington / Instagram

    Light green bedding also looks fabulous in a plant-filled sleep space, as demonstrated by Instagrammer Dorrington’s airy setup.

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    Deck Out the Corner

    corner with plants

    Ren / Instagram

    Not sure what to do with an empty bedroom corner? Fill it with plants, of course! You’ll be one step closer to making your sleep space more zen, as we see modeled by Instagrammer Ren.

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    Mix It Up

    dried plant leaves


    There are plenty of other ways to incorporate plant-like decor into your space: Pampas grass and dried leaves can make for stunning accents, too, even if not green in color. Instagrammer Simo shows us how it’s done.

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    Work the Windows

    plants in window

    Jakub / Instagram

    Stationing your plant collection in front of a large window, like Instagrammer Jakub did, is not only beneficial for growth but is an excellent way to utilize this space without blocking any light.

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    Bring on the Disco

    disco ball in plant bedroom

    @plantifulme / Instagram

    What’s even more magical than a room full of plants? One that also features a disco ball! Sit back and admire how beautifully the light bounces off your green friends when you add one of these retro pieces