Nürburgring EV Record Within Reach: Estrema Fulminea Poised to Electrify the Challenge

The 2,012 hp Estrema Fulminea is hoping to smash the EV record, currently held by the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, when it hits the

Nordschleife later this year.

Estrema Fulminea

The Estrema Fulminea has set its sights on the Nürburgring EV record.

It’s a record that’s currently held by the Porsche Taycan Turbo S (7:33.35), but Automobili Estrema thinks its 2,012 hp supercar has what it takes.

Crazy considering the first production model won’t be unveiled until this coming June.

Estrema Fulminea

Just three months later, the company plans to travel the Nordschleife where it attempts to set a new EV lap record.

We like their confidence, but find it rather unusual that they’re seeking to raise funds in order to do it.

That’s right, the Italian electric sports car start-up has launched a Kickstarter campaign to “support the costs involved with such an attempt.”

The campaign seeks to raise $106,120 and has already garnered $12,273 from 40 backers at the time of writing.

Automobili Estrema also said it plans to produce a documentary covering the “entire journey from inception until we race the Nordschleife.”

Viewers will be able to follow the making of the Estrema Fulminea across nine episodes that are set to roll out between February and October.

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The company is fully aware of the risks and challenges that lie ahead, though.

It says, “As a start-up company we know that we might not be able to complete the Fulminea prototype and (or) miss the record attempt.

“But we also know that with our passion, experience, know-how and talent the chance of being successful is bigger.

“We don’t know yet if our story will have a happy ending, let’s find it out together.”

Automobili Estrema still has some way to go, as the campaign only has 68 hours remaining and still requires $93,847 to hit target (at the time of writing).

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