“No me sentía muy feliz, así que no me puse en mente tomar fotos”

Cuddling is a very meaningful occasion for young children, marking the 1-year anniversary of their birth. Therefore, on this occasion, many parents want to take their children for commemorative photos, so that when their children grow up, they can look back at their lovely childhood moments.

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Most parents will choose playful concepts for their baby’s birthday photo set. However, whether that wish is successful or not depends on the cooperation of the children. If the children are not passionate about posing for photos, the result will be a series of tearful photos like this.

After posting a set of photos to celebrate her son’s birthday on social networks, Ms. Tran Tam from Ho Chi Minh City lamented, “This is my son when taking pictures for your baby’s birthday. Are your children like this? I have a lot of work at home, don’t bother to talk, I feel so helpless.”

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“I don’t like taking pictures, I don’t like bread.”

Curious, everyone clicked to see Tran Tam’s photo, and everyone was startled and laughed at the “difficult” photo set. From the beginning to the end, the boy only had one expression—crying. Sometimes he cried, sometimes he cried loudly, sometimes he screamed as if being bullied. Whether taking a concept photo with a cute bread maker or a bright band, the boy still couldn’t stop crying.

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Many people left funny comments and must admit that this boy has had a set of photos for a lifetime. After a few hours of sharing, the boy’s photo set has received 19 thousand likes, 2.5 thousand very cute comments, and 3 thousand shares.

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Speaking to Ms. Tran Tam, she said that her son’s name is Khai Hung, named after his father’s family. Last month, her parents just had Khai Hung take a photo to celebrate his milestone. Ms. Tam said that two years ago, when she took Khai Hung’s sister for photos, she was very cooperative, smiling from beginning to end, so she thought that Khai Hung would be like that. However, it turned out to be Khai Hung’s turn to cry when the camera was raised, and there was no way to calm the baby down.

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I don’t like playing the piano either.

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Neither does the guitar.

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I don’t even like drumming.

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I don’t like anything. Let me go home.