No Garden, No Problem: Here Are 16 Indoor Garden Ideas

If you have a lack of outdoor space, you want edible greens even in the winter months, or you just love to surround yourself with plants, then why not create an indoor garden?

The features of your indoor garden will depend on the aesthetic you are trying to create, your level of experience, the purpose for growing the plants, and the conditions available.

Not sure where to start? Here are some creative indoor garden ideas to provide some inspiration.

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    Indoor Greenhouse

    Indoor jungle and greenhouse cabinet


    Are you are looking to create an indoor jungle but are worried you don’t have the conditions to support tropical plants. You could create a greenhouse environment inside a glass cabinet, like this one from IKEA filled with leafy green beauties. This allows you to carefully control the heat, light, and humidity.

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    Decorative Water Propagation Wall

    Indoor plant propagation wall


    If you want to expand your plant collection or pass some on as gifts, why not nurture some cuttings through the popular water propagation method?

    You can dedicate a shelf to your cuttings and display them in glass jars for added decorative appeal. Swap out the water weekly and install some grow lights on the shelf above to help the cuttings take root.

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    Introduce a Living Wall

    Plant wall in a kitchen


    When you have limited space or want a unique piece of wall art, a living wall could be worth considering.

    It’s perfect for an area with plenty of light and makes a beautiful backdrop for a neutral space. It’s best to stick with plants with similar care requirements, as you will need to water and feed them simultaneously.

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    Japanese Art for a Shady Location

    Hanging Kokedama moss balls


    Hanging some Kokedama moss balls could be the perfect solution if you want to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in a shady living space. Make sure to keep them moist–humidity is key for their success.

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    A Collection for Novice Plant Lovers

    4 large indoor snake plants


    If you aren’t particularly green-fingered or are introducing your first plant collection, you might want to stick with plants that are easy to grow indoors. Snake plants are a perfect example.

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    Moisture-Loving Bathroom Plants

    Many plants in a bathroom


    Bathrooms are the perfect environment to host a moisture-loving plant collection. Plus, they can be a great additional stress reliever when you are relaxing in the tub.

    The perfect plants for bathrooms love warm, humid, low-light conditions.

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    A Creative Mini-Garden

    Beautiful jar with live forest with self ecosystem, terrarium, forest in a jar

    qnula / Getty Images

    When you don’t want plants splashed all over your apartment, you could make up a terrarium with a collection of small plants instead. It looks interesting, allows you to grow plants you might not be able to otherwise in an indoor environment, and you can unleash your creativity.

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    A Curtain of Trailing Vines

    Trailing plant curtains


    Hanging low-maintenance, sun-loving trailing vines from your curtain rail like this is a great option if you are limited on space or just want to add vertical green interest.

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    Plants to Complement Boho Style

    Boho chic living room with many plants


    No matter what your home style preferences, there are indoor plant options to complement it. If you’re a fan of calm and cosy boho decor, selecting leafy plants like monsteras and trailing vines can work well.

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    Herb Collection on a Sunny Windowsill

    Kitchen window herb garden


    For space on or near a sunny windowsill, introduce an indoor herb garden. It’s the perfect way to have a supply of fresh herbs all year round. Some easy herbs to grow indoor include basilrosemarythyme, and oregano.

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    Low-Maintenance Cacti Collection

    Many Cactu on a table


    Cacti aren’t just low-maintenance plants that thrive in dry home environments—they are like ornamental sculptures with their unusual shapes and appearances.

    Adding a collection of cacti in your home can provide focal points in the space, and large cacti will be a talking point with your guests. Just keep spiky plants out of reach of pets or small children.

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    Enhance a Relaxing Nook

    Indoor plant jungle with a hanging seat and cat


    Studies show that surrounding yourself with plants can help to reduce stress.1 Creating a relaxing nook in a plant-filled space is the perfect way to switch off and enjoy some me-time.

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    Midcentury Chic

    Midcentury modern scandinavian eco lodgle like interior with a lot of green plants and barn wood walls. Piano visible.

    Hugo Goudswaard / Getty Images

    This midcentury modernscandi-style interior uses plants to good effect. The varying heights and texture add interest to what could be a bare room.

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    Decorative Plant Shelfs

    Urban tropical jungle on shelves


    Having a set of bookshelves dedicated entirely to your plant collection not only looks good, but it makes caring for them a little easier. All your plants are in one place for watering, and you can move them around based on the way the light hits the shelves and where you position your humidifier.

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    Indoor Hydroponic Garden

    Indoor Hydroponic garden using drain pipes


    If you don’t have suitable outdoor space, your soil is not workable, or you want to conserve water while quickly producing high-quality herbs or vegetables, why not build a hydroponic garden.

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    Tropical Collection

    Lush indoor tropical garden


    Create an indoor jungle full of exotic flowers, colorful leaves, and trailing vines with a selection of tropical plants suitable for growing indoors. Their water, humidity, and light requirements may mean their care requires a little more dedication, but the atmosphere they will create in your home makes the effort worth it.