Mesmerizing Splendor: A Crescent-Shaped Oasis Amidst a Desolate Desert – Nature and Life

United Arab Emirates – UAE is one of the most famous countries in the world for its magnificent  tourist attractions , from the famous tallest building Burj Khalifa to skiing in the desert, as well as Lots of options for shopping and dining.

In addition, visitors can also find great desert experiences with recent developments including unique man-made lake beds.

The location near Dubai’s Al Qudra area has long been famous for its romantic Lake of Love. Not far away is an equally impressive lake that just started being explored over a year ago – Moon Lake.

Moon Lake once caused a fever on tourism forums last year.

Named for its crescent shape, which looks like a crescent moon, this landscape quickly caught the attention of social media when it was first shared in April 2021. Photographer Mostafa was the one who recorded the video and photos of this new discovery.

The blue lake surface stands out on the desert sand background.

The shape and striking blue color of the lake on the hot orange-yellow sand of the desert immediately attracted the travel enthusiasts.

The road to Moon Lake is quite difficult because the location is deep in the desert.

Another view from the lake.

Moon Lake in the desert of Dubai is one of the few places in the UAE where visitors can see wildlife firsthand.

The lake was built as part of the UAE’s wildlife conservation plan.

The Arabian straight-horned antelope has been reintroduced to the desert as part of the UAE’s conservation efforts. Moon Lake is actually an artificial lake, used to provide water for wildlife around the area.

The UAE is making every effort to create a favorable environment for wildlife to live and breed.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the landscape accompanied by a sense of protecting the habitat of the animals living here.

The lake is located in the heart of the desert with a crescent moon like a hidden gem in the middle of a dry place. Although created by human hands, the landscape here still retains the wildness of majestic and harsh nature.

Further behind the Moon Lake is a vast desert.