Los leopardos encuentran desagradables a los puercoespines y a menudo sufren las consecuencias de ser atravesados por las púas de los puercoespines.


The battle of leopards and hedgehogs.

In a dense grassy forest, there is a leopard and a hedgehog in a fierce confrontation.

The leopard with a hungry stomach, it frantically rushed to attack the hedgehog like it had never been eaten.

However, the hedgehog did not tremble, it deliberately left to not fight the leopard, but the leopard was still determined to attack the hedgehog.

With inherent strength, the hedgehog took advantage of the thorns on its body to confront the leopard, making the leopard painfully not dare to approach.

The hedgehog used sharp and sharp spikes to stab the leopard repeatedly, the action of the hedgehog shows that anger is spreading throughout the leopard’s body.

The leopard tried to fight fiercely to be able to escape the torment of the hedgehog, but the hedgehog still attacked fiercely. Because of the pain, the leopard had to retreat and run away, lest it kill the hedgehog.

In the end, the hedgehog was lucky to escape the leopard’s pursuit.