Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Which Is Exactly The Same As Her Mum’s And Her Grandma

How high is the probability that a pattern will repeat itself several times in a family? Although certain characteristics are inherited from generation to generation, it is very rare that 4 members of the same family in a row repeat something as unique as a birthmark.

MilliAnna Worthy is a little girl who was born in South Carolina, and is the fourth member of her family to repeat a peculiar tradition: a lock of white hair on her forehead. Her mother Brianna, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother have the same brand. The family does not know when this pattern began, since the great-grandmother was adopted and never met her biological mother, but it is probably something that has been inherited through the generations for hundreds of years.

When MilliAnna was going to be born, her mother Brianna did not know if she would inherit such a unique trait to her daughter, since her younger sister does not have it; but as soon as the baby was born, she was able to notice that the little girl’s head had a white area, and she was very happy about it!

18 months later, her hair looks cooler than ever. The white streak of hair is caused by ᴘᴏʟɪᴏsɪs, a condition that causes a lack of pigment in the hair and skin.

Despite being very happy that her daughter has the same characteristic trait as her, she admitted that sometimes she has some disadvantages:

“Most of the time I welcome kind comments and don’t mind answering a lot of questions, but honestly, it can be overwhelming at times.”

MilliAnna belongs to the fourth generation of her family to be born with this peculiar condition that her grandmother Jennifer and great-grandmother Jaonne also have.

Brianna wants to teach her daughter to love and accept her distinction. “I intend to raise my daughter knowing that she is beautiful and special and I will not listen to the nasty comments that people sometimes make.”

A nice inheritance that MalliAnna received.