LeBron James Spotted Wearing Unreleased Top-Secret Apple Headphones


Is LeBron James wearing Apple’s secret, unreleased earbuds?


These headphones are unheard of, yet LeBron James already has a pair — or so fans believe. 

In Instagram photos of the basketball legend that he posted Wednesday, James is wearing what hawk-eyed techies believe are Apple’s rumored Beats Studio Buds.

“Even though the Beats Studio Buds have yet to be officially introduced, a picture posted on LeBron James’ Instagram account today shows the NBA superstar apparently wearing the unreleased in-ear headphones,” wrote tech-product news site PhoneArena. The outlet added that James has nearly 86 million followers on Instagram, and “companies like Apple don’t mind giving the rich and famous … their products to display on social media.”

Apple declined to comment to The Post, and James didn’t get back to us.

Apple sleuths have passed around rumors about the headphones since 2014, although the company has never confirmed their existence, the Sun reported. Supposedly, once they hit the market, they’ll come in an oval charging case and be available in red, white and black.


Those closely following the headphones’ development believe the company may finally announce them at its virtual developer conference — WWDC 2021 — next month.  

An FCC report this week hints that they may be right: The report, submitted by Apple, includes two internal Apple reference numbers — A2512 and A2513 — and an image of packaging for and the product design of a device called Beats Studio Buds, PhoneArena wrote.

Of the 1.7 million accounts that have liked the post by James in the past day, however, those in the know about his top-secret tech didn’t learn it from the image caption. 

“Seize the opportunity, believe and take control of it Then get on your marathon and grind it ’til it’s over with!” James, 36, wrote. 

Also on Wednesday, James called for more player protection from the NBA after a fan dumped popcorn on Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook.