La notable amistad entre una mujer y un cocodrilo masivo de 4 metros.

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Savannah Boan poses with a giant crocodile in Gatorland.

Savannah Boan, 47, served in the US Navy. Now, she chooses to work at the Gatorland amusement park (Crocodile Land) in Florida, USA – where there are 2,500 alligators.

What makes everyone surprised and surprised about Savannah is the fact that she considers crocodiles, which are quite aggressive, as close friends.

Video of Savannah playing with a giant crocodile:

The photos show that the former US Navy officer showed no fear when he came into contact with the giant crocodiles in Gatorland. Savannah even holds them as pets.

In addition, the 47-year-old woman also showed off many photos taken with her “close friend” Dundee nearly 4m long.

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For a 47-year-old woman, caring for a crocodile is more than just a job

“I love crocodiles and all reptiles. That’s why I want to work in Gatorland as long as possible. Crocodiles are the most misunderstood species in the animal world. In fact, they fear humans. more than we fear them. I also want people to have an objective view of crocodiles and their importance in the ecosystem, “said Savannah.

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Savannah doesn’t mind holding an alligator.

Taking care of Savannah’s crocodiles in Gatorland seems to be more than a job responsibility.

“Crocodiles are smarter than people think. I have feelings for all 2,500 crocodiles in Gatorland, respect them and so are they. Unless, they are in a bad mood,” the 47-year-old woman shared. shall.