La Intensa Lucha por la Supervivencia: Las Cebras Luchan por Sus Vidas contra los Leones.

In the wild, zebras can run at incredible speeds of up to 68km/h, which is faster than the top speed of lions, which is only 57km/h.

As a result, lions may have an advantage in short bursts of speed or when they are first approaching their prey. However, if the chase continues for a longer period of time, zebras can use their impressive speed and endurance to their advantage, making it more difficult for lions to catch them.

A stunning video has captured a solitary lion on the hunt in the vast grasslands, targeting a zebra as its prey.

The footage shows a zebra intently grazing in the open field, completely unaware of the stealthy approach of the lion from the side.

At first, everything seemed to be going as expected. The lion ran like a fly, grabbing a zebra from behind. The lion then launches a post to bite the prey’s neck, to cause the prey to collapse.

But this zebra was different, it kept jumping up and down, running around trying to escape the clutches like a lion.

The lion was determined to keep the bait, so the zebra dragged it along the grassland for a long distance. Feeling that everything was out of control, the lion had to let go, letting the tall zebra run away.