It’s amazing to watch a corn snake repeatedly lay dozens of eggs in a matter of minutes (video)


In the video, the corn snake is seen laying dozens of eggs in just a few minutes. This process, known as oviposition, is an incredible feat of nature. The snake coils its body around the eggs and uses its muscles to pull them out of its body.

 The most surprising thing about this process is the large number of eggs that are laid in such a short time. Corn snakes can lay between 12 and 24 eggs in a single clutch, and they can lay multiple clutches in a single breeding season.

Video of the corn snake laying its eggs has captured the attention of snake enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It is a reminder of the incredible diversity of life on our planet and the fascinating biological processes that occur all around us.

In conclusion, the time when the corn snake continuously lays dozens of eggs in just a few minutes is truly amazing. It is a testament to the incredible capabilities of these remarkable creatures and a reminder of the wonders of the natural world.