We usually love a retro-inspired design, but we’re not quite sure what to think of this BMW Z4-based Tender 5.7. As you can see, not much of the convertible BMW’s original bodywork is left, if any at all, with the Tender 5.7 instead swapping in all-carbon fibre body panels inspired by none other than Elvis Presley’s BMW 507.

Under the hood, the Z4 M40i’s straight six has been fitted with a larger turbocharger and a Bastuck exhaust system, bringing power up to an impressive 500 horses with 650 Nm of torque. However, it seems the 5.7 in the name is more of a reference to its classic inspirations than actual engine displacement.

Where the Tender 5.7 really excels is the customisation department, featuring a fully bespoke interior in any colour of your choice. In addition to the standard paint options, they are also making 15 special editions of the Tender 5.7, each in a unique and iconic colour from across the history of the automobile. So, would you add a 507-inspired Tender 5.7 to your collection, or would you rather take the vanilla Z4 as BMW intended?