Heroic Sacrifice: Cheetah’s Brave Act Saves Antelope from Mortal Danger


The impala is a common herbivore in Africa. They are gentle animals and are the target of predators such as leopards, lions, hyenas, …

Video taken in Kruger National Reserve (South Africa) shows a rather humorous scene, when leopards are caught in a fight between two antelopes without knowing what to do.

The video begins with two antelopes rushing at each other fiercely with their horns as weapons. However, the unfortunate thing was that the two had stuck their horns together, and could not be untangled.

At this time, a leopard appeared, and it seemed to be quite surprised with the development ahead.

Because the size of the two antelopes is quite large, and they have not shown any signs of fatigue, the leopard has not found an opportunity to attack.

It just circled around, trying to grab one of the antelopes, but the distance between it and the pair kept widening.

The video ends when two antelope use sharp horns to stab the leopard and make it flee for its life to escape a fierce attack.