Georgina Rodɾιguez, RonaƖdo’s girƖfriend sparked oᴜtrage wҺen sҺe wɑs named the мᴜse foɾ ɑ мɑjor fɑsҺion Һouse.

Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s longtime girlfriend, recently appeared as an advertising model in a new campaign for a major brand. This has sparked debate among certain netizens.

Georgina Rodriguez was chosen as the face of Guess & Marciano’s new fashion range. The 29-year-old beauty flaunts her hourglass body by wearing a lot of stunning tight little skirts. Rodriguez’s attractiveness in the fashion series has a traditional appearance.

Rodriguez has been chosen as the face of Guess & Marciano’s new advertising campaign, which will launch this fall.




Mr. Paul Marciano, the brand’s creative director, explained why he chose Rodriguez to be the face of the advertisement: “We wanted to document a day in the life of Ms. Georgina.” We sought to document by lifting the veil of mystery. Georgina is a wonderful addition to our new campaign.

Georgina is a powerful, self-assured woman. This campaign perfectly captures her innate beauty, charisma, vitality, and inner strength. These are a wonderful fit for our brand’s vision and aesthetic.”

Many netizens complimented Rodriguez and praised her amazing beauty in a series of high-class fashion photographs before she was invited to be the advertising face of a major brand; nonetheless, there were some opposing viewpoints. essay.

“She’s turning into a showy, smug beauty.” I’ve seen a number of documentaries on her life. Rodriguez is no longer the straightforward, honest girl she used to be in the film. Next, After all, we frequently praise her and regard her as an admirable individual, but for what?

She is basically just a girl who used to work at a high-end fashion store and happened to meet and bond with a wealthy celebrity customer. “She doesn’t seem to have a significant career of her own,” one commentator stated.

“Why is she always mentioned as a character we all like and admire?” Another commenter inquired, “What has she accomplished in her career?”

“Rodriguez has a fuller figure in real life.” Her expression in the series is also not varied; she always has the same expression, which is interesting,” another commenter added. essay.

Previously, Rodriguez had always remained mute in the face of the scathing comments leveled at him. Ronaldo and Rodriguez are claimed to have a living agreement after 7 years together and are rumored to be on the verge of a divorce with the 38-year-old player.

This agreement is intended to ensure that the partnership is always well-planned and that everything is simple to negotiate and handle in all situations.

As a result, if the two break up, Ronaldo will pay Rodriguez 110,000 USD (more than 2.5 billion VND) per month for the rest of her life. This is not child support, but rather a separate support for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has amassed a personal fortune of approximately $30 million USD since joining Ronaldo through requests to collaborate with businesses. Rodriguez revealed to the media that she worked hard and built her income on her own, making her a self-made millionaire.

Rodriguez claims she “doesn’t need to spend even a dime” on her boyfriend’s money because she has her own income.

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