Gallery wall decoration ideas to try at home

Here is a list of some of the most attractive gallery wall decoration ideas to try out.


Gallery wall decoration idea #1: Artwork

Gallery wall decor

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Artwork, plates, and masks may all be included in a gallery decoration, which does not have to be limited to only images. Adding an asymmetrical pattern of beautiful artwork on a bare wall transforms it into a spectacular focal point.


Gallery wall decoration idea #2: Framed pictures

Gallery wall

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A shimmering gallery decoration enhances the impression while also giving a luxurious touch to this diverse space. If you look closely, you will find that each frame is distinct. This mix is a good complement to the room’s unusual rhythm.

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Gallery wall decoration idea #3: Collage of personal photos

Gallery wall decoration

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A collage is one of the best gallery decoration wall design ideas. Instead of a single huge piece of art, a multi-coloured collage adds life and vibrancy to an otherwise plain wall.

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Gallery wall decoration idea #4: Be random

Gallery decoration

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One of a kind, the photos, postcards, and paintings adorning these gallery walls are arranged in no particular sequence or design on two neighbouring walls. Additionally, it creates a sense of cohesion between the entrance and the living room gallery decoration.


Gallery wall decoration idea #5: Family tree

Gallery wall

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If you are looking for a creative way for your gallery decoration, check out this family tree. It will add a personal touch to the room while inspiring you to come up with new ideas.

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Gallery wall decoration idea #6: Showcase your own work

Gallery wall decoration ideas for your home that you can try

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Use a gallery wall to showcase your picture collection – whether you’re an amateur photographer or just like photographing your friends and family. You want to create a gallery decoration that you like gazing at on a daily basis. It will bring life and brightness to your home. 


Gallery wall decoration idea #7: Be bold

Gallery wall decoration ideas for your home that you can try

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Do you have a soft spot for whacky gallery decoration? Have a bunch of unexpected presents from friends and do not know what to do with them? Gallery walls do not need any kind of overarching design concept. There is nothing more important than making you smile when you look at it. Put up a variety of paintings on the wall to create a focal point! In this case, the goal is to add colour. 

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Gallery wall decoration idea #8: Travel-inspired 

Gallery wall decoration ideas for your home that you can try

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Another option for gallery decoration, particularly in the living area, is to arrange frames in a grid. If you like clean, uncluttered designs, this is the one for you! 


Gallery wall decoration idea #9: Unique artefacts

Gallery wall decoration ideas for your home that you can try

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There are innumerous creative ways to decorate a wall for those who want a more unconventional approach to decorating. Photographs and amusing components like navigation arrows and instruments are a great way to incorporate travel-themed gallery decoration into your home without going overboard.


Gallery wall decoration idea #10: Go black and white

Gallery wall decoration ideas for your home that you can try

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Go classic! Put your most treasured memories in black and white on display in the entryway to give guests a glimpse into your daily routines. Make an incredible photo gallery to give a personalised touch to your walls.



How do I choose the right artwork for my gallery wall?

When selecting artwork for your gallery wall, consider the theme, colour palette and style that you want to achieve. Mix and match different sizes, shapes and mediums to create visual interest and balance. Personalise it with pieces that resonate with you and reflect your personality.

How should I arrange the frames on my gallery wall?

There are various ways to arrange frames on a gallery wall. You can opt for a symmetrical layout with evenly spaced frames, or create a more eclectic look with an asymmetrical arrangement. Start by laying out the frames on the floor or using paper templates on the wall to visualise different configurations before hanging them up.

What are some creative ideas for adding depth and dimension to a gallery wall?

To add depth and dimension to your gallery wall, incorporate different elements such as shelves, decorative objects, and mirrors. Mix in three-dimensional art pieces, like sculptures or shadow boxes, to create visual intrigue. Play with layering by placing smaller frames or objects in front of larger ones to give a sense of depth.

How can I incorporate family photos into a gallery wall?

Family photos are a wonderful addition to a gallery wall. Mix them with other artwork or frames to create a personal touch. Consider using black and white photos for a classic look or adding coloured frames to complement your existing colour scheme. Intersperse them with other pieces to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

What are some alternative items I can include in a gallery wall?

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be limited to framed artwork. Consider incorporating other items like wall hangings, tapestries, mirrors, clocks, or even empty frames as decorative elements. Mix in typography or inspirational quotes for added interest. Get creative and experiment with different textures and objects that reflect your style and interests.