Fast X: Part 2 release date confirmed by Vin Diesel

The highly anticipated next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise has a confirmed release date, but fans will have to wait patiently for its arrival

(Credit:youtube/ The Fast Saga)
Vin Diesel in Fast X (Credit:youtube/ The Fast Saga)

Vin Diesel has officially announced the release date for Fast X: Part 2, the eleventh installment in the beloved Fast & Furious saga. While fans eagerly await the high-octane action, the franchise’s main star took to Instagram to share the exciting news.

Vin Diesel announces the release date

Vin Diesel posted a photo on his personal Instagram account alongside fellow actor Jason Momoa, where he revealed the anticipated release date. In his caption, he wrote, “April 4th, 2025… is less than 22 months away.” The actor expressed his admiration for the cast’s collaborative and expressive performances, particularly praising Jason Momoa for creating a memorable character that viewers won’t soon forget. Vin Diesel emphasized the significance of family and loyalty in the Fast & Furious franchise, promising that Part 2 will be an unprecedented effort from the fast family and the studio.


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The Rock returns as Hobbs in Fast X: Part 2

The excitement surrounding Fast X: Part 2 doesn’t stop with Vin Diesel’s announcement. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a beloved member of the Fast & Furious family, took to his own Instagram to share the thrilling news of his return as the iconic character, Hobbs. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “Hope you’ve got your funderwear on… HOBBS IS BACK. And he just got lei’d.” The Rock expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response from fans around the world to Hobbs’ return in Fast X, and revealed that the next Fast & Furious film audiences will see him in will be a Hobbs-centered movie, setting the stage for the epic Fast X: Part 2. The Rock emphasized his commitment to the franchise, its characters, and most importantly, the dedicated fans who have made the Fast & Furious series a global success. As always, he aims to take the Fast franchise to new and exciting places for fans worldwide, guided by his “Audience First” mentality.

Vin Diesel phản ứng như thế nào khi The Rock trở lại 'Fast X'?

Fast & Furious 10 preview

While fans anticipate the release of Fast X: Part 2, the previous chapter, Fast X, has just hit theaters worldwide. The film takes audiences on a thrilling journey filled with speed, impressive cars, and iconic cities like Rome, Brazil, London, and Los Angeles. Returning to the franchise’s roots, the story introduces Dante, the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes, seeking revenge for his father’s demise and orchestrating a plot to eliminate Dom’s son.

With Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson both confirming their return to the Fast & Furious universe, anticipation for Fast X: Part 2 has reached new heights. Fans can look forward to an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience when the film races into theaters on April 4, 2025. As the beloved franchise continues to evolve, bringing together a mix of familiar and fresh faces, the Fast family remains dedicated to delivering thrilling action, heartwarming moments, and a celebration of the importance of loyalty and family bonds. Fast X: Part 2 is set to be a monumental chapter in the franchise, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats as they witness the next exhilarating adventure.