Excesivamente hambriento. El cocodrilo ataca a la tortuga. ¿Pueden las mandíbulas del cocodrilo con una fuerza de mordida de 16.46 N romper las conchas de las tortugas? (Video).

The jaws of a crocodile are truly formidable, showcasing an immense display of power.With a bite force measuring at an astounding 16.46 N, they possess the capability to crush bones and tear through flesh with ease. This immense strength allows crocodiles to overpower their prey and secure their next meal in the wild.

In a gripping encounter, a hungry crocodile sets its sights on a resilient turtle.

Desperate to satisfy its voracious appetite, the crocodile lunges towards the turtle, jaws wide open, aiming to capture its meal.

However, despite the crocodile’s relentless efforts, the turtle’s shell remains unyielding.

The sturdy defense of the turtle’s shell proves to be an insurmountable obstacle for the crocodile, leaving it frustrated and hungry, unable to break through and taste the flesh it so desperately craves.

In the face of the turtle’s unbreakable shell, the crocodile is forced to concede defeat. Unable to devour its intended prey, the crocodile reluctantly releases the resilient turtle, watching it slowly crawl away to safety.

This encounter serves as a powerful reminder of nature’s fascinating adaptations and the indomitable spirit of creatures that withstand even the mightiest of predators

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